Not a Leprechaun in sight - Building a new vision of modern Ireland, the new Irish Comedy Tour is hoping to change perceptions of Ireland in America, promote Irish comedians Stateside and get the message out loud and clear that Irish comedy is not just for Paddy’s Day.


Curiously for an island famous for humor, storytelling, having the craic (not that kind of crack) and producing really great comedians, Ireland would appear to have a shortage of Irish comedy acts in America. That, however, is starting to change. 


IRISH NATIVE Sean Finnerty this year became the first ever-Irish comedian to land a prestigious spot on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. The list of Irish comedians on US late-night TV is surprisingly short.


Finnerty sits alongside illustrious company, joining Irish household names Tommy Tiernan, Dylan Moran, and David O’Doherty.  

The tour hopes to let American audiences know, in the funniest way possible, that modern Ireland is a far cry from the stereotypes of old, and among other things it's Paddy’s not Patty’s Day!